Considering that his films have been getting worse and worse, it's puzzling that anyone would sign M. Night Shyamalan to any sort of multi-picture deal, but that's exactly what Media Rights Capital did when they allowed him to create his Night Chronicles label. The result has been audiences booing his name during every screening of the trailer for Devil. It's doubtful that the next director they may sign will go through that kind of treatment.

THR reports that MRC is currently negotiating a two picture deal with director David Fincher for him to make a pair of films under his own label. It's expected that the deal will be genre-based, the article suggesting that the two films may be crime-oriented thrillers. The director's next film, The Social Network, will be released on October 1st and he is currently hard at work on the English-language adaptation of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo in Sweden.

This could also be the perfect opportunity for Fincher to make two of his recent passion projects: The Goon and Heavy Metal. Both films have been stuck in pre-production without homes, but this deal could fix that. Instead of "crime-oriented thrillers," lets go for "bizzaro, adult-oriented animation." It would truly be for the best.

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