Maybe Oscar winner Davis Guggenheim didn't realize at first that he was signing on to direct a 3D biopic about a 16-year-old, or maybe the legions of Bieber fans simply didn't approve of the director, but just two days after Guggenheim was announced as the director of the Bieber biopic, Deadline reports he has bailed.

Guggenheim's official reason, apparently, was that he'll be too busy promoting Waiting for Superman, which Paramount is planning to release this fall. It's true that he would have had little time for anything but Bieber-- the studio plans to release the finished film on Valentine's Day next year, which is plainly insane-- but come on. I think we all know that Guggenheim sucked in his breath and told himself "Yeah, I'm doing this for the paycheck, but people will understand, right?" before he signed the deal. Then he saw that he was being mocked everywhere on the Internet and maybe he got a few concerned calls from Errol Morris and Al Gore before he decided, "OK, this wasn't worth it."

Or, hey, maybe Guggenheim signed on with the best intentions to make this a real movie worth your time and ran straight into a wall with the studio, which is presumably trying to cash in as shamelessly as possible on Bieber Fever. You can guarantee, though, that the next director they pick will be someone 100% willing to kowtow to Bieber Fever and cash it on it thoroughly. It really doesn't even matter what the damn thing looks like, so long as its in theaters by Valentine's Day and features as many close-ups of Justin as humanly possible.

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