Whenever a new poster comes out you can typically expect a new trailer to go along with it, and that's once again the case today. Yesterday afternoon the first one-sheet for Mark Pellington's I Melt With You arrived online and today we not only get a preview, but one that fully showcases the drinking, drugs and debauchery that happens in the film. Yes, I am talking about a Red Band trailer.
R Check it out below, courtesy of Hulu, with apologies going out to all of our wonderful international readers who won't be able to watch it.

Starring Tom Jane, Rob Lowe, Jeremy Piven and Christian McKay, the movie is about four lifelong friends who gather together for a week in Big Sur to celebrate their friendship and the lives that they've built. But as the week goes on and the men let all of their inhibitions go to the wind, a long kept secret rises to the surface and they are forced to confront it. I Melt With You co-stars Carla Gugino and Sasha Grey and will be available On Demand starting November 4th and be released theatrically on December 9th.

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