For some, being buried alive is among their top fears. That's exactly the scenario the lead character in William Dickerson's new film Detour is in. As you'll see in the trailer for the film, Neil Hopkins' character is put into a terrifying situation when a car accident leaves him buried alive and left to figure out how to get out before he runs out of oxygen.

Directed by William Dickerson, Detour stars Neil Hopkins as a businessman who finds himself blindsided by mother nature and buried under an avalanche, with only his car and what little air remains in it for shelter. The trailer below shows his predicament and his realization that no one is coming to save him, which means if he wants to survive this ordeal, he's on his own.

Watching the above video, which shows lead-character Jackson Aider realizing the severity of his predicament and trying to save himself, but also preparing for the worst, I'm flashing back to 127 Hours, Rodrigo Cortes' Buried (starring Ryan Reynolds) and Chris Kentis' disturbing Open Water, a film I loved but have never been able to watch again since it played in theaters in 2003. These kind of panicked, trapped scenarios make for some chilling tales, for those who aren't too terrified by the prospect of running out of air to watch.

iTunes says Detour arrives in theaters on March 29, and it'll also be available via iTunes at that time.

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