When we shared news that Disney was re-releasing their record shattering movie musical Frozen as a special Sing-A-Long edition, several of you reached out asking which of the 2000 theaters nationwide would be playing host to the event. We weren't withholding; we just didn't know! (Side note: I felt your pain. Planning a girls night out with such TDBs floating was stressing me out!) But with just two days before this special re-release, Disney has finally given us details on wheres and whens along with a peak at what they have in store.

Up top, we have a clip of the movie's most popular song with title cards and a dancing snowflake to show us all how to sing along to Elsa's stunning, "Let It Go." This sensational song has helped Frozen's soundtrack top the Billboard charts, not to mention scoring the film an Oscar nomination for Best Song (and we think it's the frontrunner). Now we can all belt it out like Elsa - though maybe not quite on Broadway star Idina Menzel's level. Of course, some of us won't need this helpful snowflake, I've known all the words to this song after playing it on a loop for a weekend after I first saw it. But hey, different strokes and all that.

As to where Frozen Sing-A-Long will be playing, you can now consult Fandango and MovieTickets.com for showtimes and venues. You'll note some theaters even offer late screenings for those who want to see a kids movie but without kids (I'll see you there, New York!)

Disney's also unveiled a new poster for the re-release:

Frozen Sing-a-long

I totally get choosing Elsa in her moment of glory in "Let It Go." I am on board for that. But I got to say, this is a pretty lame composition. Far more dynamic would have been the moment after this where she looks right at us and declares with such attitude and moxie "The cold never bothered me anyway!" (Maybe The Hunger Games: Catching Fire's IMAX edition poster has spoiled me.)

All the same, I'm incredibly excited for Frozen's Sing-A-Long. Check back Monday, when we'll be sharing my GIF review of the big event! And the meantime, rehearse with some help from Anna, Kristoff and Olaf!

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