The big screen adaptation of the as-yet-unreleased novel I Am Number Four has been on the docket since June, when Dreamworks snatched up the rights from authors Joby Hughes and James Frey. You remember James Frey. He's the guy who came up with a fictional story and sold it as a memoir, thus tricking millions of people into buying his book. But when the truth came out, the wrath of Oprah rained down on him and his reputation was shattered, though not enough to keep him from starting up a career as an author of young-adult sci-fi novels.

THR is reporting this morning that I Am Number Four has added a director in the form of D.J. Caruso. Caruso's last two big money makers, Disturbia and Eagle Eye, were both for Dreamworks, so it's a proven fact that that pairing works; it's just when you throw in Frey and producer Michael Bay that things might get a little sticky.

Four focuses on nine surviving members of an alien race whose home planet is destroyed by a rival species. The survivors integrate into an Earthling high school and hide out, only to find out that one of them is still being hunted by their destructive enemy. Assuming that “number four” is the one still being hunted, I'd put money on Caruso tapping the DiCaprio to his Scorcese, Shia LaBeouf, to step into the lead role. LaBeouf did great things in both Disturbia and Eagle Eye so it only makes sense for them to continue their relationship.

With Bay producing it's safe to say we're going to see this one fast tracked, since it seems that everything he touches makes zillions of dollars. Look for casting decisions very soon.

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