I don’t know if DreamWorks Animation has low confidence in their audience’s interest for a film about fast snails – beware the upcoming snail pun - but they’re certainly shelling out an endless number of trailers and character posters and film clips for David Soren’s Turbo. Nothing wrong with heavy promotion, mind you, but I’d like to have a few surprises left once the film actually hits theaters. However, it’s a film that appears to be slugish when it comes to surprises.

The above trailer from Yahoo! Movies, which clocks in at 2:30, obviously goes more into detail than the film’s last trailer and the international trailer that came after it, streamlining the content while also taking us through what looks like most of the film’s second and third acts. While I’m not necessarily altogether interested in Turbo from everything we’ve seen, I could end up watching it one day, and now I’ll have to wait long enough to forget everything I already know, just so it will feel fresh.

Really, my armchair vitriol is directed at these elongated trailers, not Turbo itself. I'd watch Samuel L. Jackson play any kind of animal in any kind of film. “I have had it with these sassafrassin’ snails on this sassafrassin’ Indy 500 track.”

Let’s use the great ensemble of actors the film employs guide us through the plot. Ryan Reynolds plays a snail named Turbo whose workday drudgery is interfering with his dreams of being the fastest snail alive - a dream that doesn’t impress his older brother Chet (Paul Giamatti). One fateful night – aren’t they all? – Turbo flies through a drag racer’s supercharger, and his DNA magically becomes embedded with nitrous oxide, which turns him into the fastest snail alive. He’s found by Tito (Michael Peña), who runs a food truck with his brother Angelo (Luis Guzmán), and befriends a bunch of other racing snails that train him on his and Tito’s quest to win the Indianapolis 500. The crew includes Jackson, Snoop Dogg, Ben Schwartz, Michael Bell and Maya Rudolph. Also, Ken Jeong plays the same old Ken Jeong role, but this time as an old woman. Richard Jenkins, Bill Hader and Michelle Rodriguez also star.

This is obviously not a movie with “hard science” at its head, and it looks too much like a spinoff of Cars or Cars 2 (like Planes) to really standout in the densely populated field of all-star animations. But maybe I’m a-salt-ing these snails with unjust cause. We’ll see when the film leads a slime trail into theaters on July 17.

turbo poster

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