If you were shocked when The Twilight Saga: New Moon set the midnight screening record last fall with an insane $26.3 million, brace yourself; Eclipse has busted the record all over again. According to Deadline Hollywood, the third film in the Twilight franchise brought in over $30 million from both midnight and 3 a.m. screenings today, with $1 million of that haul coming from IMAX screens-- yes, another record.

It makes more sense for Eclipse to be such a midnight smash, actually, given that the target teen audience is out of school for the summer with nothing better to do on a Tuesday night, and the film itself is actually not half-bad this time. Not that it really matters to the Twilight faithful who line up hours early for midnight screenings, of course, but it probably convinced them to bring a friend or two along for the spectacle.

With The Last Airbender drawing in miserable reviews and the long weekend stretching ahead, the path is even more clear for Eclipse to set some box office records. We'll keep you posted on all that vampire cash as the holiday weekend ramps up.

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