Holy crap, The Wolfman, get your act together already!!

The production of Universal's re-imagining of their beloved horror classic has been a tale of woe and loss over the past half a dozen years now, with producers constantly battling to keep key positions filled. They went through three directors before Joe Johnston took the project and actually wrapped it up, a new set of editors was brought in because the studio didn't like the first cut, and even composer Danny Elfman's score was rejected and subsequently replaced by Paul Haslinger, formerly of Tangerine Dream.

It seems as though that the creative minds behind The Wolfman can't make a decision to save their lives because Danny Elfman's score has been ushered back in to replace Haslinger's. Movie Score Magazine is reporting that despite the fact that it is unfinished, the score that was unceremoniously booted off the lot is the one we're going to be hearing when we watch a hairy Benecio del Toro tear people to ribbons. Something tells me this will be the right call as Tangerine Dream causes flashbacks of the ghastly Legend score from the theatrical cut in 1985 (Mind you, the director's cut is phenomenal in every way).

A few composers were reportedly brought in to tie up Elfman's work since he's busy on Alice in Wonderland, but the majority of it remains his. With the release date fast approaching, February 12, it's unlikely we'll be hearing any other shake ups, but we'll have our ear to the ground just in case.

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