If there’s anything Joel Silver doesn’t need, it’s yet another project on his enormous plate. The long time producer has been producing since 1979 (getting started with the classic The Warriors) and has since accumulated a resume of over 100 films, 12 of which are in various stages of production right now. He is legendary, and he’s just added a 13th film to his list of upcoming projects, according to THR.

The Envoy was picked up by Warner Brothers and will have Silver produce under his Silver Pictures label alongside partner Andrew Rona. It’s no surprise that the action/thriller script would fall into his lap considering the he produced Die Hard, Predator, all the Lethal Weapon films, The Matrix trilogy, and a laundry list of other giants in the genre. Though the script comes from a rather young writer with Silver in the sails there’s a good chance this film is going to be pretty great.

The aforementioned script was penned by former Project Greenlight contestant Robert Lynn and follows a “diplomatic courier” carrying sensitive information that the enemy catches wind of. Needless to say these baddies do not make the rest of his journey to the American Embassy in Vienna easy. The official definition states that “diplomatic couriers ensure the secure movement of classified U.S. Government material across international borders.” Already this sounds like a high risk job so with a little Hollywood molding The Envoy has a big opportunity to bring to light some dangers we civilians don’t normally hear about.

No announcement has been made about the time frame for this, who they have in mind for the lead, or who will direct. Stay tuned for more info as it comes our way.

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