It's coming. The trailer for the already divisive Evil Dead reboot debuts tomorrow. And to give you just a taste of what producers Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell have in store, Sony Pictures has unveiled a teaser for the trailer. The clip below not only gives you a few peeks at the gruesome reboot helmed by Fede Alvarez and starring Jane Levy, but also offers some of the highlights of the recent Evil Dead New York Comic Con Panel.

Levy's "I swear to God, I'm so scared right now," is her response to the trailer, which she witnessed for the first time with the assembled crowd of feverish horror fanatics. I sat in a lot of panels in the IGN Theater at this year's NY Comic Con, but The Evil Dead's was the best by far. Cult horror icon Bruce Campbell swaggered on stage with full awareness he owns the room, if not the entirety of the cosplay enthusiast-packed Javits Center. And like the B-movie badass he is, he laid it down: You will love this movie.

Alvarez's explanation on why he took the job (basically, if you love horror, you do whatever Sam Raimi asks) comes off as the challenge he believed it to be. He told the crowd he loved Evil Dead growing up, and his devotion shows even in the little snippets above. As the trailer played at Comic Con, the audience screamed and bucked at the gore—freshly horrendous yet familiar—that unrolled on screen. Myself, I clutched my face in horror at one particularly in your face scene of self-mutilation. And tomorrow—you will all get to see what we saw and what we cheered for wildly.

Evil Dead emerges April 12th, 2013.

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