Tower Heist may not be the grittiest movie ever filmed in New York, but believe it or not, it's one of the most authentic. Director Brett Ratner and his crew filmed in locations all over the city, and for the movie's main setting, The Tower apartment building, they took over the Trump International Hotel & Tower on Columbus Circle and filmed all over the area. When you see Ben Stiller or Matthew Broderick run out of that building and up Central Park West, that's all happening right there-- a distinct detail that makes New Yorkers happy, but helps a movie feel real for anybody, whether you like it or not.

But while shooting on location in New York sounds great in theory, it's incredibly hard to pull off in practice, and you can get a glimpse of that challenge in this exclusive clip from the Tower Heist Blu-Ray, which goes onsale today. Ben Stiller's character Josh gets collared by Tea Leoni's character Agent Denham, But to make that happen on a crowded city sidewalk, you need a stuntwoman, a big inflatable pad, and a lot of people standing around to give Stiller room to do the fall. Check out how it happened in the short clip below.

For more where this came from-- plus the movie Tower Heist, of course-- you can pick up the Blu-Ray or DVD in stores today.

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