Happy weekend, wilters of all that is unwilling. Can you guys believe that they’re officially changing the name of the Razzies into the I, Frankensteins? Maybe that was just a rumor though. The genre has been alive and well at Sundance, with loads of films seeing good reviews and distributor deals. (Spoiler: that’s what some of these stories are about.)

Now for a couple of tidbits I didn’t get to in the main story. Jeff Baena’s zombie comedy Life After Beth was picked up by indie hitmakers A24, so we should be seeing Dane DeHaan, Aubrey Plaza, John C. Reilly, Anna Kendrick and Paul Reiser serving up bloody chuckles later this year. And you’ll soon be able to find Vincenzo Natali’s completely swept under the rug paranormal thriller Haunter on Blu-ray and DVD starting February 11. It was quite an interesting take on the home ghost genre.

Well Go USA Nabs Dead Snow Sequel, Which Spurts out Fantastically Orchestral Theatrical Trailer
While it may have sounded like the most unneeded sequel ever created, Tommy Wirkola’s Dead Snow: Red vs. Dead looks insanely pleasing and puts Wirkola’s talent for gore-baths in the upper echelon. Its Sundance premiere was met with cheers and Well Go USA took no time at all in lining up with the literal armies of undead waiting to attack. Oddly enough, Well Go USA will be releasing the all-English version of the film domestically instead of the half-Norwegian/half-English cut that was shown at Sundance. Are we seriously that opposed to subtitles? Oh, yeah I guess we are.

Picking up soon after the more generic original film left off, Red vs. Dead follows sole survivor Martin (Vegar Hoel) as he discovers his previously severed zombie-infected arm has been reattached and has given him somewhat super powers. He enlists the help of an untested American zombie hunting group - including Martin Starr and Ingrid Haas - to help him take on Colonel Herzog (Ørjan Gamst) and his horde of vengeful Nazi zombies. And from the batshit insane trailer seen above, Martin and Co. have a zombie horde of their own coming to the party.

Wirkola has promised an innumerable amount of ways to kill people with this one, and the preview features around 15, so I can’t wait to see what else he has in store, assuming of course my eyes haven’t been gouged out by garden shears. Well Go USA will be announcing release dates shortly, so stay tuned.

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