We already know you’re going to the eighth and final Harry Potter installment when it opens on July 15. That much is a given. But thanks to the news breaking on Twitter, we’re advising that you get to the theater early, because one trailer in particular’s going to pique your interest.

The Twitter feed for Martin Scorsese’s next picture, Hugo Cabret, revealed that the film’s first trailer will be attached to Deathly Hallows Part 2. I’m a little confused, as Cabret is a Paramount-distributed feature, with Potter being a Warner franchise. Why not attach the Scorsese trailer to something like Captain America, which will be in theaters weeks later?

Not that I’m complaining too much, as this means we’ll get a look at Cabret sooner rather than later. Scorsese’s movie comes out on Nov. 23, so a trailer was expected in theaters around this time. But there are so many reasons why we’re excited for THIS trailer, in particular. For starters, it’s the iconic filmmaker’s first attempt at 3D, and if any director would obsess over how best to use a visual tool like a third dimension, it would be the perfectionist Scorsese. Also, Cabret reteams Marty with screenwriter John Logan, who scored an Oscar nomination for The Aviator, and I’m curious to see how these collaborators have envisioned the era of Paris in the 1930s, which serves as a backdrop for this magical mystery. Scorsese is coming off a brilliant genre exercise in Shutter Island, but Hugo sounds like a complete departure from the director’s comfort zone, and that is exciting. I can’t wait to see if the trailer suggests such a thrill.

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