Based on my incredibly limited knowledge of the G.I. Joe universe, coming from vague Saturday morning childhood memories and a requirement to report on the trailers for the new movie, I thought that G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra would have two villains-- a masked one, Cobra Commander, and an unmasked one, Destro. Now you're telling me they're both wearing masks? Lucky one of them is Scottish, or else I'd never be able to tell them apart.

UGO got their hands on what appears to be the first image of Destro in his mask, courtesy of a box of toys delivered to their office (yes, deep down, all movie bloggers are really 12 years old). The image is more concept art than photo, of course, but it does look better than pretty much anything we've seen from G.I. Joe thus far. An example of things turning around? Or evidence that the toys will be better than the movie itself? Check out the larger image at UGO to see for yourself.

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