With ABC opting not to renew their freshman dramedy GCB, that leaves actor Mark Deklin available to pursue other roles, and it looks like he's found one in Constantin's 3D CGI motion-capture feature Tarzan.

Kellan Lutz is set to play the lead in the Reinhard Klooss directed take on the classic Edgar Rice Burroughs tale, which tells the story of a man raised in the jungle by apes. On board to play Tarzan's love interest Jane is Spencer Locke, who played a recurring role on ABC's Cougar Town and appeared in Resident Evil: Afterlife and Resident Evil: Extinction.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Jaime Ray Newman and Trevor St. John joined the cast last week, with Newman playing Tarzan's mother Alice, and St. John set to play the villainous William Clayton, the CEO of Greystoke Energies. That just leaves Tarzan's father, who (spoiler alert if you're very unfamiliar with the story!) unfortunately meets his demise along with Alice in the plane crash that leaves Tarzan stranded in the jungle. Mark Deklin has been signed on to play Tarzan's father, who brings his family with him on an exploration mission in search of a mysterious ancient meteorite.

In ABC's GCB, Deklin played Blake Reilly, the husband to Cricket. Previous TV roles include another short-lived Texas-based TV drama Lone Star and appearances in Hawaii Five-0, The Ex List and Hot in Cleveland. As you may have noticed, he seems to favor the small screen. While his role in Tarzan is certainly crucial to the story, it doesn't sound like a very big part. But this could be an indication that the actor is looking to transition to feature films.

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