Screenwriter Lee Kirk makes his directorial debut with a new twist on boy meets girl called The Giant Mechanical Man, a love story about an aimless woman who falls for a charming street performer. The Office's Jenna Fischer leads a compelling cast that includes Chris Messina (Devil), Topher Grace (Take Me Home Tonight), Malin Akerman (Wanderlust), Rich Sommer (Mad Men) and Bob Odenkirk (Breaking Bad) to unfold a charming--albeit offbeat--romantic comedy.

Set in Chicago, this unconventional narrative of self-discovery centers on Janice (Fisher), an unemployed thirty-something who hasn't quite figured out adulthood just yet. Her pushy—though well-meaning—sister (Akerman) thinks the solution is a shaggy-haired self-help guru (Grace) who could not only serve as Janice's mentor but also pull down double duty as a boyfriend. However, it's the janitor (Messina) at the local zoo that intrigues her. Sure, at work he's squeegeeing tanks and scrubbing habitats, but in his free time he's living the dream as a living statue. Painted silver and standing atop a pair of stilts, he comes to life as the Giant Mechanical Man, a symbol of a child-like vision of happiness that Janice still shares.

Of course the premise is endearing, but what makes this first peak of The Giant Mechanical Man stand out—aside from its impeccable ensemble cast—is its apparent avoidance of the kind of broad comedy that often make rom-coms regrettably lame. Instead, Kirk establishes a bittersweet tone with a rich vein of wit and wonder that makes this indie one worth keeping an eye out for.

The Giant Mechanical Man will make its World Premiere on April 23rd at the Tribeca Film Festival.

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