Tonight's Golden Globes awards were fantastic for two movies that nobody was talking about when Oscar nominations were announced just three days ago. Lincoln and Silver Linings Playbook got all the attention when the Academy made their picks on Thursday, but the big winners at the Globes were Argo and Les Miserables, which won Best Drama and Best Comedy/Musical, respectively. Get the full list of 2013 Globes winners right here.

It was a good thing to see in a year when the big awards season have been unusually hard to predict, and when--despite the 12 Oscar nominations that Lincoln received-- nobody is entirely sure what will take the big prizes. The Globes are often a chance for the likely Oscar winners to practice their speeches, but tonight a couple of people highly unlikely to win got the chance. Hugh Jackman was completely winning accepting the Best Actor in a Comedy/Musical for Les Miserables (over the favored Bradley Cooper, no less), while Ben Affleck gave his second great acceptance speech of the weekend when he won Best Director for Argo. He won the Critics Choice Award in that category as well, and opened his speech there with a wry "I'd like to thank the Academy…" Of course, that very morning he'd been left out of Oscar's Best Director lineup. But at both the Critics Choice Awards and the Golden Globes, he didn't seem to let that bring him down.

Reading too closely into the Globes winners to try and predict the Oscars is foolish-- the Globes are voted on by a mysterious group of about 85 journalists, while the Academy consists of thousands of awards professionals. But if we treat the Globes as a series of acceptance speech auditions, Argo made a major case for itself tonight-- sure, Affleck isn't nominated for Best Director, but could that movie be well-loved enough to pick up a Best Picture win anyway? And the battle of Jessica Chastain and Jennifer Lawrence continues unabated, with no clear winner tonight. I said earlier tonight that whoever gave the best speech would have the edge for Best Actress, but Lawrence's humor perfectly contrasted Chastain's deep sincerity-- can't we just let both of them win?

If you like awards shows just for the sake of being awards shows, tonight's Globes had a ton to offer, from Christoph Waltz's charming speech to Jodie Foster's rambling, heartfelt missive about her personal life… and everything else. Let us know what you thought about the show in the comments, and to relive the best moments, check out the recap of our live blog here.

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