The founders of Facebook are getting their own movie in the form of The Social Network, but as much as Facebook seems to be the trendy internet app of the moment, Google has had far more impact on the lives of almost everyone who has ever used the internet than Facebook ever well. So Google’s getting a movie too.

Deadline says Groundswell Productions and John Morris have combined forces and purchased the rights to “Googled: The End of the World As We Know It”. The book, written by Ken Auletta, tells the story of Google’s rise to prominence, and delves into the lives of its founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin. While The Social Network seems primarily focused on the personal drama of Facebook’s founders, apparently Googled actually spends a fair amount of time on the search engine’s innovative technology while at the same time exploring the origin of their “don’t be evil” motto. That may not be as scintillating The Social Network, but it’s bound to be more realistic. It’ll be up to Groundswell and Morris to find a way to make Google sexy.

For now the rights to make a movie out of it have merely been purchased. There’s been no actual movement to get the movie done. That’ll surely happen, in the days ahead. In the meantime maybe Google will find a way to celebrate with a new, commemorative logo.

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