These are amazingly cool. Given the success of Alfonso Cuaron’s Gravity -- which is a powerhouse at the box office as well as an instant Oscar contender – the Web site ShortList commissioned a slew of talented graphic artists to come up with the best alternative one sheets for the sci-fi thriller. The results are fantastic. My favorite is above, riffing on 1950s genre artwork that wouldn’t shock us to see the names Gary Cooper and Kim Novak in place of George Clooney and Sandra Bullock. But honestly, all of these are great. Take a look at a few below, and see the rest at The Short List:

Gravity 2

Gravity 3

Gravity 4

Gravity 5

The Gravity spoofs are just heating up. Did you happen to catch Saturday Night Live poking fun at both Cuaron’s film and the government shutdown in the cold open of last weekend’s Bruce Willis-hosted program?

As cold openings go on SNL, that’s actually pretty damn funny. Short enough not to overstay its welcome. Timely. Clever. And it shows how Cuaron’s movie has penetrated the national psyche, capable of being lampooned on a late-night sketch program. All of that bodes very well for the movie’s Ocar chances. Several outlying factors help a movie as it campaigns for Oscar’s top prizes. Box office is one (and Gravity currently has earned a staggering $122 million after two weekends), and awareness is another.

These are great. I want to own most of these posters. And if you are a graphic designer who wants to participate in a contest like this, the site says it is focusing on Alan Taylor’s Thor: The Dark World next, so hit the ShortList and figure out how you can contribute.

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