If you've already seen the recent red-band trailer for 30 Minutes or Less, you might get a sense of deja vu watching the new green-band one that showed up today at Yahoo!. Basically, the two trailers are identical, featuring the same scenes and jokes and all in the same order; the only difference is the swearing, and occasionally shots that are too violent for the green-band. It's kind of like watching two different versions of a movie, the original and the one edited for watching on an airplane. Someone could do a close study of them and figure out exactly how the MPAA decides what is and isn't appropriate for a general audience. Check out the green-band trailer below and click over to the red-band one to see what I mean.

Coming to theaters on August 12, 30 Minutes or Less will hopefully be the funnier, cheaper answer to the giant blockbusters of the summer that so far haven't been nearly as great as we'd like them to be. The trailers are obviously proving that the movie has nailed the comedy part, and given that Zombieland's Ruben Fleischer is directing, there's reason to believe they'll pull off the action too. Coming at the end of what's already feeling like a very long summer, I'm hoping 30 Minutes or Less can make Hollywood summer movies feel worth watching again.

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