Way back in September of 2009-- when America was still reeling from the death of Michael Jackson and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs was the #1 movie at the box office-- we reported that production on Halloween 3D had been "delayed indefinitely," citing a rushed production schedule and an unfinished script as a reason not to shut the whole thing down, but wait to make it better. Nearly three years went by, and now Box Office Mojo notes that the planned release date of October 26 has been scrapped, leaving Halloween 3D with a big "TBA" next to its name. That's never good.

To be fair, the October release didn't seem likely, given that the film has yet to go into production. Ever since the delay back in 2009 the only word we heard about the project was Halloween II star Scout Taylor-Compton sounding pretty uninterested in returning for the third film. The first two Halloween films-- from the past decade, at least-- had been directed by Rob Zombie, but shortly after the release of Halloween II the Weinstein Company announced plans for Halloween 3D that unambiguously excluded Zombie-- your guess about what caused the bad blood is as good as mine. They went on to hire My Bloody Valentine's Patrick Lussier to replace him, but once production on Halloween 3D got delayed, Lussier moved on to direct Drive Angry and is now attached to remake Hellraiser.

If I had to guess, I'd say the TBA release date for Halloween 3D indicates it's not being made at all. The Weinstein Company is unlikely to stop mining the Halloween universe, of course, but whatever plans they had for this one seem likely to be scrapped. Given that nobody was all that excited about the idea to begin with, I can't imagine anyone will mourn this loss.

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