Last year before the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 1 we got some good news. Warner Bros. had abandoned their plan to convert the first part of the final Harry Potter movie into 3D. They blamed technical problems, but whatever the reason, it opened in theaters and made a ton of money anyway proving that 3D is mostly irrelevant. Unfortunately with more time to work on conversion, those technical problems have now been solved, and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2 is coming at you in 3D.

Producer David Heyman confirmed the impending 3D conversion telling Collider, “The reason we didn’t do it on the first part was because we didn’t feel that we could do it justice. And actually the 3D would actually compromise the film, so we didn’t have the time.” Now they’re “really excited about the quality” of the 3D conversion and they justify it this way: “We feel it adds something to the film and is really immersive, as opposed to taking out, which I think a lot of 3D can do.” They say, “David Yates is approaching 3D from a character point of view.”

They claim it’s not a gimmick to sell overpriced tickets, but then everyone says that. Here’s what they say you can expect though, when you pay $5 more for your ticket for something you probably don’t want but have no choice to put up with since most theaters are abandoning 2D showings. “It's probably gonna be more subtle than on some films. We're not gonna have tons of stuff flying out the screen - we'll have some, but not much. The depth will not necessarily be as great as some films. But it will make the film feel larger, be more immersive, and I think it will add to the stories as opposed to take away.”

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