Director David Yates hasn't been back behind the camera since 2011's Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2, his planned Tarzan movie shutting down due to budgetary concerns, but it appears as though the filmmaker his now ready to get back into the game with a new project. The Hollywood Reporter has learned that 20th Century Fox has picked up the rights to the comic series Who Is Jake Ellis? and have attached Ellis to serve as director.

First published in 2011 and written by Nathan Edmondson with art by Tonci Zonjic, the comic follows a former CIA analyst named Jon Moore who, during his time with the agency, was the forced subject of illegal experiments related to extra sensory perception. One of the side effects of the tests is that Jon begins to see a ghostly figure named Jake Ellis who has a strangely deep knowledge about espionage - information that Jon winds up needing. The project is currently looking for a writer to handle the adaptation, and the trade says that the movie is expected to have elements of "Bourne, Memento and Fight Club." The run was originally released as a five-part series, and was followed by another a sequel series in 2012-2013 called Where Is Jake Ellis?

Not only has it been a long time since Yates directed Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2, it's been even longer since he directed something that didn't exist in the Harry Potter universe. The British filmmaker became the go-to director for the franchise since 2007, and all-told ended up directing four of the movies, including Order of the Phoenix, The Half-Blood Price, and Deathly Hallows Part 1. Before that he directed the BBC/HBO TV movie The Girl in the Cafe with Bill Nighy and Kelly Macdonald, and to find his last big screen feature you have to go back to 1998's The Tichborne Claimant. To do the math for you, that means its been 15 years.

Who Is Jake Ellis? won't be the title that breaks that streak, however. Following its pre-production shut down, Tarzan is now back up on its feet and is scheduled to start shooting early next year. True Blood star Alexander Skarsgard is set to play the legendary jungle man, and Christoph Waltz is also attached. The project is currently looking for an actress to play Jane, and there have been whispers about Jessica Chastain, Emma Stone and Pan Am's Margot Robbie taking the role. The production start date suggests that the finished product will very likely come out some time during the blockbuster-filled 2015.

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