We are mere days away from the eighth and final world premiere event based around a Harry Potter film. Festivities celebrating the beginning of the end for this miraculous franchise are scheduled for Thursday, July 7, in London, but that doesn’t mean people haven’t begun lining up in Trafalgar Square already in hopes of getting the best possible seat for the magical occasion.

We know. You are disappointed that you can’t be across the pond for the Potter event. But you might want to peruse this pretty extensive site Warner Bros. has established for those planning to attend what the studio calls a “friendly, fun” event set up with the fan in mind. Whereas details for most star-studded premiere events are kept secret from the general public, this Potter-centric site tells interested parties where to find the event (and how bets to get there), shares specific Red Carpet details, reveals key access points for the best viewing areas, and even alerts you to what practical items fans can bring to the exclusive event. It’s the closest one can get to attending the world premiere without actually attending the world premiere.

As for U.S. fans, we’ll have to wait a few additional days. David Yates’ conclusion to the blockbuster series doesn’t reach our shores until July 15. But many online sites plan to stream the London premiere, so die-hard Potter will want to be perched in front of their monitors on Thursday, wands in hand, to bid the first of many farewells that will occur this week and next as we prepare to say goodbye to the boy who lived again and again.

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