We expected Ride Along to be a hit. Kevin Hart and Ice Cube have strong followings, and the buddy cop formula has proven to be a gold mine in the past. (Ask Paul Feig how The Heat did last summer.) But I don’t think any of us expected it to approach $100 million in January. Mama topped out at $71M in 2013. Mark Wahlberg’s Contraband stalled at $66.5M in 2012. And neither are threatening to launch a film franchise.

Ride Along, however, should propel Hart and Cube into a sequel sooner rather than later. When a movie finds an audience of this size, studios often try to see if lightning will strike the same spot twice. Sometimes it works. Too often, it doesn’t.

What do we know about a potential Ride Along sequel? Quite a lot, actually. Let’s run through the details and figure out if and when this movie might actually come together.

A Ride Along Sequel Has Been In The Works For Months
We actually first reported on a potential Ride Along sequel back in April 2013… a full nine months before director Tim Story’s comedy had even reached a single theater. Universal executives must have really liked what they were seeing from the chemistry between Ice Cube and Kevin Hart, because they voiced enough support in the movie to say that a sequel had been "greenlit." Of course, if Ride Along did Jack Ryan numbers, this sequel would go back into the special vault Hollywood reserves for stink bombs. But Story’s movie connected, so the wheels on a sequel should keep turning.

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