Your grandmother may have told you idle hands are the devil's playground, but sometimes people with too much time on their hands accomplish greatness. Well, maybe not greatness, but a waste of time that's totally worth it. Geek Squad has started a Kevin McCallister page and is currently re-enacting Home Alone in real time twitter. That's not even the awesome part though. Their team has created accounts for everyone else in the movie and they're Tweeting those parts as well. God, you have to love the internet generation.

With wonderful insights into Buzz, Kevin, Marv and even that pesky tarantula, this Twitter account is the place to be for the next hour or so. To get in on the action, go ahead and click here. That account brings all the Tweets together, but to follow each one individually, you'll need to do some detective work on your own. Here's Kevin and Buzz to get you started. Or just follow along with our widget embedded below:

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