It has been a ridiculously busy day in Star Trek Into Darkness land.

Strike that: It has been a ridiculously busy couple of days for J.J. Abrams and the marketing wizards over at Paramount Pictures. In an effort to drum up attention for next summer’s blockbuster sequel, the studio has been teasing posters, snippets of footage and, over the weekend, a trailer PLUS the nine-minute preview that was attached to IMAX prints of The Hobbit. And yet, the only one that I’m going to remember weeks from now is this hilarious mash-up of the initial Into Darkness footage with clips from Toy Story 3. Just brilliant:

The clip, which was found on Vulture, makes a lot of obvious connections, from giving Benedict Cumberbatch’s dialogue as the still-as-yet-to-be-determined villain to the strawberry-scented Lots O’Huggin’ Bear. And giving Alice Eve’s scream to the cymbal-crashing monkey is an inspired stroke of genius. In fact, if there’s any misstep in the entire project, it’s the fact that they choose – for some reason – to end with the title card for Toy Story 2, even though all of the footage clearly comes from the third Toy Story sequel.

But that’s easily forgivable in a well-edited clip like this. And given the amount of time that we have spent (wasted?) scouring the Star Trek footage for clues to the sequel, I admire and envy, deeply, the mind that is able to step back and see the images through different eyes … and immediately understand that it works just as well – if not better – with Woody, Buzz and Jessie in the leads.

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