With its need for plenty of fresh-faced, young actors to fill the roles of it numerous doomed tributes, The Hunger Games proved a spectacular showcase for more than just its leads. Prior to this sci-fi adventure, Nigeria-born actor Dayo Okeniyi had only a couple of short films and a TV movie to his name. But after playing the brawny yet compassionate Thresh of District 11, Okeniyi scored roles in a string of features including James Ponsoldt's critically heralded The Spectacular Now, the recently wrapped horror-thriller Slew Hampshire, and the upcoming Ben Affleck-fronted crime drama Runner, Runner. Still, his next part could be his biggest yet.

THR reports Okeniyi has entered into talks to join Universal Picture's remake of the 1981 drama Endless Love. Re-imagined by Gossip Girl writer Joshua Safran, the remake's script was given a polish pass by Country Strong writer-director Shana Feste, who is also set to helm.

Earlier this year Gabriella Wilde and Alex Pettyfer were chosen to front the film as star-crossed lovers Jade and David, teens whose romance is repeatedly thwarted by circumstance and parental intervention. Should he sign on, Okeniyi would play the part of David's best friend, who is described as a mischievous daredevil type.

Not only would this be Okeniyi's most noteworthy studio gig since The Hunger Games, but also this appears to be a chance for him to show a bit more range. Because of all the narrative ground Hunger Games had to cover, the role of Thresh was underwritten. Yet Okeniyi managed to make his mark. With his potential Endless Love role seeming to be comic relief to the drama's darker moments, this could be just the launching pad Okeniyi has been building toward.

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