Audience demand worked for Paranormal Activity, when Paramount had audiences at early screenings register their votes online to get the movie to come to more cities across America. Can it also work for a tiny indie comedy?

Mystery Team is going to give it a shot. The first movie from the comedy troupe Derrick Comedy debuted at Sundance to rave reviews (like this one from Josh), and has been screening quietly in college towns all around the country this fall. But if you want to guarantee it comes to your city, you're going to have to demand it. Go to Eventful and register your zip code to demand that the trio of crime-solvers comes to your town. Every vote counts, and as we learned with Paranormal Activity, demands can really have an impact.

If you don't know what Mystery Team is, you can either watch our Comic Con interview with the whole crew or watch the movie's trailer below. Derrick Comedy also has a brand-new short on their website called "Boy Band," which is hilarious and disturbing and is also embedded below. I haven't seen Mystery Team yet, so I demanded that it come to Brooklyn. Join me!

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