Love it or hate it (I hated it), The Killer Inside Me has been one of the most-discussed films of this year's Sundance, prompting passionate defense of movie's graphic violence even as people told director Michael Winterbottom to his face that movie was reprehensible.

Even though a movie like this will be impossible to sell to a wide audience, it was inevitable that a brave distributor would pick it up for the controversy factor alone. And now IFC, the company that brought you Antichrist and Che, is taking the challenge. Deadline Hollywood is reporting that the indie distributor picked up the U.S. rights for something between $1 and $2 million, and is planning a late summer or early fall release. If they're truly insane they'll try some kind of Oscar push for Casey Affleck-- he is pretty good in the film-- but this more likely represents IFC's continuing commitment to bringing moviegoers the provocative and weird shit that used to be only the privilege of festivalgoers. Good on 'em.

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