I really wonder if Fox isn't going for some kind of world record for the amount of trailers they can release for a single film in a one-month span. Between footage premiered at Comic Con on July 21 to August 3, there were no fewer than three trailers released for In Time, each of them showing off new scenes from the thriller starring Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried. The last one seemed to have finally nailed the mix between explaining the plot and revealing too much, but now Fox is out with a new international trailer that's two minutes and 40 seconds long and reveals everything. You can see the deaths of actors you might not have even known were in it, a series of what look like climactic battles, lots of characters talking about exactly how this whole "time is money" thing works. Take a look at the trailer below.

OK, I can't be the only person who had no idea that Olivia Wilde, who plays Justin Timberlake's mom in the film-- that's a time-is-money economy for ya-- would die in the movie. Maybe her death ahppens in the first 10 minutes and isn't technically a spoiler, but Wilde is a big star, and revealing that she eats it a full two months before the movie's release seems like a strange move. It reminds me of the Gwyneth Paltrow death scene in the Contagion trailer, and since I trusted that it wasn't a spoiler in that film, maybe I should just take Wilde's death in stride too.

But the trailer goes on to explain so much more than that too, getting into the political implications of what Timberlake's character is doing, showing us Cillian Murphy as he narrates his every move, and many more scenes. I'm only mildly interested in seeing In Time, but I still would have rather found out a lot of these plot points for myself. I've gone from not quite understanding the plot to knowing way too much. Why is Fox trying so hard to over-expose their movie before it's even close to theaters?

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