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Looking at Will Smith's IMDb page makes you want to put the movie industry under six feet of dirt. The actor is currently listed with 38 in-development projects that include Men in Black III; Bad Boys 3; I, Robot 2; Hancock 2; Independence Day 2; Untitled I Am Legend Prequel; The Karate Kid 2; and Independence Day 3. It's total sequel overload, particularly for someone who only has 20 film acting credits to his name. Luckily, however, two of them won't be happening for a long time.

Director Roland Emmerich recently spoke to Empire and revealed that while there was some big talk about sequels to Independence Day in the last two years, they aren't even close to being put together. First announced on this site back in November 2009, the director revealed that there is no script yet because, "[he doesn't] want to write anything before anything starts." But just in case you're worried that you'll never get to see Will Smith battle aliens as Captain Steven Hiller again, Emmerich also said, "One day it will happen."

Ridiculous plot holes and Jeff Goldblum logic aside, Independence Day remains a fun 90s alien invasion flick that really doesn't need to be ruined by a sequel. For once let's just be satisfied with one time success and move on.