Red Snapper

When you are tasked with naming somewhere north of 35 Iron Man suits of armor, after a while, you’re just going to start throwing words together and hoping they sound cool. That has to be the explanation for the “Red Snapper” suit pictured above … one of the many suits we’ll apparently see in Shane Black’s Iron Man 3 when it opens in theaters on May 3.

The photo of the new armor was shared on Facebook where we learn that the Mark 35 suit is actually used by Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) as a “Disaster Rescue Suit” … which probably means that he has to use it often. I mean, you saw the latest trailers, right? His entire Malibu mansion gets blasted off its California perch and lands in the Pacific Ocean. That has to qualify as a “disaster,” doesn’t it?

The “Red Snapper is the latest in a steady stream of up-close-and-personal looks we have been getting in recent days at the armor that Stark will sport (or put to good use) in the latest Iron Man movie. We’ve seen the Gemini, the Igor, the Heartbreaker, the Silver Centurion and more. It’s no longer a secret that Tony will call a ton of Iron Man suits to battle in the finale of Black’s sequel. But what other secrets might Marvel have up its sleeve in the third standalone Iron Man movie? We’ll find out soon … but not soon enough!

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