In the first Iron Man film, all it took was a smooth talking Robert Downey Jr. giving the character of Tony Stark a foundation, and Iron Man himself became a hero, even within a film that dropped the ball on most other character development. And all it took was a complete shift in tone, villain count, and narrative focus to see that not much stuck when Iron Man 2 was thrown at the wall. Well we know that The Mandarin is going to be the big baddie keeping Iron Man busy in the second sequel, so what is there left to blow out of proportion?

Iron Man suits! As the above clip “Advancing the Tech” shows us, Tony Stark has been completely obsessive about creating new, improved and task-specific suits to fit into his iron army. (Iron army…irony? No, that doesn’t work.) There are 42 suits in all, with number 42 being the self-assembling suit controlled by Stark’s mind that we see flying all around him in the trailers. This is how I wish pajamas worked.

The video is essentially Downey Jr., producer Kevin Feige and director Shane Black talking positively about all the suits, since the “tech” here is pretty limited – to 42 suits, but still. It does create quite a bit of excitement when they briefly discuss all of active suits coming together to help Stark in a time of need. There’s a chance it could be the most ass-kicking action sequence of the summer.

Iron Man 3 releases nationwide on May 3, 2013. But it releases an iron buttload of other places first, so expect to hear some early reviews soon.

Thanks to Gizmodo for pointing the video out. In case you've missed the latest TV spot, check it out below.

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