The time may have finally come where straight men dressing as ridiculous-looking women for a few laughs has gone out of style. Back in November, Jack and Jill’s domestic theatrical run failed to make back its budget. Today, ABC cancelled Work It, an old-fashioned, laugh-track comedy featuring men dressing as women for jobs. The whole male dressed as a woman thing may not be as popular as it was in the days of Tootsie, but that doesn't mean the remnants won't be around for a while.

If you do still have a soft spot for the type of comedy, Jack and Jill will hit Blu-Ray and DVD on March 6. The film, which follows Adam Sandler playing a happily married man and that man's needy and aggressive twin sister as the two meet up for the yearly family Thanksgiving celebration, failed to earn much traction from critics or at the box office. Regardless, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment seems hellbent on putting together a features-laden Blu-Ray and DVD release.

Both Blu-Ray and DVD copies will come with several behind-the-scenes extras. One featurette, called “Here Comes Jill,” will focus on Sandler’s rendition of Jill. Other featurettes on the disc are “Laughing is Contagious,” “Look Who Stopped By,” and “Boys Will Be Girls.” Additionally Blu-Ray copies will come with “Stomach Ache” and “Don’t Call it a Boat – Royal Caribbean.” Strangely, it seems as if neither set will come with any deleted scenes footage.

Interested parties can preorder Jack and Jill over at Amazon.

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