Audiences are about to get a major look at a fresh Jack Ryan, as Chris Pine brings Tom Clancy’s spy into the next generation for Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit. An origin story of sorts, this movie – pulled from multiple Ryan stories instead of one clear-cut book – shows how a young Ryan is recruited by the CIA (personified by Kevin Costner) to help bring down a corrupt Russian executive played by director Kenneth Branagh.

The above clip, shared by Paramount on its YouTube page, captures the first meeting between Ryan and his adversary. They’re very much feeling each other out, trying to see who knows what, and who has the upper hand. Ryan has traveled all the way to Moscow in the clip to give Branagh’s character a "routine audit." Trust me, it’s anything but routine.

Directed by Branagh, Shadow Recruit feels like it could be the beginning of a new series of Jack Ryan movies… giving Pine his second major franchise (after the Star Trek movies, which should be gearing up for a part three somewhere down the line). We’ll have a full review of Shadow Recruit on the site next week. In the meantime, Paramount shared a dozen new images in addition to the clip. Get a good look at Ryan in action when the movie opens on Jan. 17.

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