In just one week, James Cameron's hotly anticipated (does “hotly” even begin to convey how anticipated this movie is?) motion capture masterpiece Avatar will finally give up on the relentless marketing campaign and find its way to the big screen. Of course we know Cameron took 10 years away from mainstream cinema after Titanic before he decided to make Avatar, so everyone has been curious about what he's got on his plate next.

Coming Soon sat down with the director and was able to squeeze a little information out of him at the Avatar press conference in London, where he says that, depending on the film's success, sequels are not only something he wants to do, but it's financially logical to do them.

“We're going to be spending a lot money and time developing not only the process, but the assets and all the models of every rock and tree and plant and creature and the muscle rigs for all the creatures and the facial rigging for the main characters. This is millions of dollars. So it really makes sense to think of it as the potential start of a franchise or a saga that plays out over several acts with each movie being an act of that saga.”

He also mentions that while he hasn't written the scripts yet, he has the story mapped out for at least two follow ups.

Hearing that we won't be waiting another decade before we get to see another James Cameron movie is refreshing news. If the early buzz is any indicator, it won't be long before Fox is begging him to make another Avatar, especially since a sequel would inevitably be cheaper with the development of the technology has already been covered. We may be in for a shift back to when action movies also had stories, a time so sorrowfully forgotten.

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