X-Men comic book artists who have drawn Emma Frost over the years have never exactly been subtle in their approach. In many cases, the characters costume has consisted largely of a white bra or corset, white panties, and thigh-high boots - like I said, not subtle. Fans of the look, however, were disappointed when on-set photos came online last year that showed actress January Jones, who will be playing the role in Matthew Vaughn's X-Men: First Class, wearing a trench coat and a Russian hat. Apparently, that look won't be the one dominating the film.

Speaking with the Los Angeles Times, Jones remarked that the costume for Emma Frost is "Insane," adding that "It’s a lot of very body-conscious stuff." But as intimidated by Frost's physique as she was, Jones was asked to avoid the gym while filming Mad Men so that she could maintain a more curvy, period-accurate physique. While conscious about the costumes, one thing that the actress was happy to avoid was the prosthetics departments. One of Frost's abilities is to change into diamond form, but Jones says that the transformation will be done entirely using CGI.

Considering that the character is known for wearing costumes like this, this and this, one must wonder where Vaughn is going to draw the line. After all, any Mad Men viewer knows that women typically didn't walk around in their underwear back in the 60s.

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