It would probably be more surprising if we told you that Jason Schwartzman wasn't participating in the next Wes Anderson movie, given that the actor has worked with Anderson on Rushmore, The Darjeeling Limited, Fantastic Mr. Fox and Moonrise Kingdom. But with the cast for Anderson's next film, The Grand Budapest Hotel, finally coming together, it's good to hear Schwartzman confirming that he'll indeed be working with Anderson again… though he made a joke that initially got my hopes up about who he might be playing.

"I'm going to be in it. Yes, I'm going to be in it. I'm playing Cousin Ben," he told on the phone this afternoon, referring to the scout leader character he plays in Moonrise Kingdom. But then he continued: "No, I'm just kidding -- wouldn't that be crazy? No, but I'm excited about it. I'm very excited about it. It's a beautiful movie."

With the exception of the short Hotel Chevalier, which featured Schwartzman as the character he played in The Darjeeling Limited, Anderson has never re-used characters between his film-- though some of them are so similar to each other you might think he had. And yet, I'd totally love for the all-knowing Cousin Ben to return, giving Schwartzman another chance to wear his merit badges and boss around some kids. With a cast that already includes Ralph Fiennes, Bill Murray and Jude Law, there's a nice balance of Anderson regulars and newcomers-- and man, Cousin Ben would fit right in.

The Grand Budapest Hotel is set to shoot in Germany later this year

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