Big surprise, Jason Statham is doing another crime movie. Crime Spree Cinema claims Statham has agreed to join the cast of Blitz, an upcoming Lionsgate film.

For a change Jason won’t be one of the crooks, he’ll just be a crooked cop. If the rumor is true, then he plays Detective Sergeant Brant, a policeman with control issues, illustrated by an assault on his shrink. He’s on the trail of a serial killer named “The Blitz”, who targets cops. Statham’s character is described as “crude, un-pc, borderline sociopath” which sounds absolutely perfect for the Ex-Transporter. Paddy Considine is also supposed to be in the cast as a fellow police sergeant named Porter Nash.

We’re checking for confirmation on CSC’s casting scoop, we’ll update this page with that as soon as we get it.

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