Though she is inexplicably disliked by many fans, Jennifer Carpenter is one of my favorite actors on Dexter. There is something special about a character that gets censored more in syndication than the serial-killing lead. Most likely due to her commitments to the show, however, she has not done much film work, the biggest exceptions being The Exorcism of Emily Rose and Quarantine. Now she's got another film to add to that list of classics.

Variety is reporting that Carpenter has joined the cast of Hungry Rabbit Jumps, alongside Mad Men star January Jones, Nicolas Cage and Guy Pearce. In the film, directed by Roger Donaldson, Cage joins an underground vigilante group after his wife (Jones) is the victim of a violent crime. Carpenter will be playing a friend of Jones'.

It's not a lead role, but as long as Cage doesn't throw on a wig it doesn't sound like the worst idea in the world. With a history of demons, serial killers, and horrific viruses already in her filmography, it is at least nice to know that Carpenter is staying in her wheelhouse.

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