Those who read my coverage from last year's D23 Convention may remember me describing a scene from John Carter that involved the titular hero, played by Taylor Kitsch, entering a gladiator arena with his alien friend (Willem Dafoe) and being forced to do battle with a giant creature called a White Ape. While I did my best to describe the sequence, the truth is that the only way to really experience it is to watch it yourself. Now Disney has provided that opportunity by releasing that sequence online, paired with an extended look at the upcoming film.

The footage comes to us courtesy of Yahoo! UK and you can watch it below.

Based on the novels by Edgar Rice Burroughs and directed by Andrew Stanton, John Carter is about a civil war hero who finds himself transported to Mars. Encountering many different alien species and imprisoned, he is eventually approached by a princess (Lynn Collins) who needs his help. The film also stars Samantha Morton, THomas Haden Church, Mark Strong, Ciaran Hinds, Dominic West, James Purefoy, and Bryan Cranston. Look for the movie when it arrives in theaters on March 9th and you can see more from the film in our Blend Film Database.

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