John Singleton already has his hands full leading America's favorite were-teen into leading man status, directing Taylor Lautner in the action thriller Abduction. Still, he's not going to waste any time while he's got his name associated with Taylor Lautner, and is already setting up what's next. Variety reports that Singleton has signed on to direct and produce another action thriller, Layover, this one about corrupt TSA agents. Yes, this is when America gets to take out country justice on the airline industry. You may now commence rubbing your hands together with glee.

Sierra Pictures is in charge of the production, having optioned the script by Jay Longino and Michael Browning. The actual story is about an ex-con whose family is kidnapped by those evil TSA agents while the family is on a seven-hour layover, which sounds like pretty much the only thing that could make an airport layover any worse. I love the idea of an action thriller taking the next obvious step after Up in the Air, not just recognizing the antiseptic hell of airports but taking revenge against them. It's been a while since one of Singleton's films managed to catch a lot of attention, but the one-two punch of Lautner and airport vigilantism should do the trick.

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