If you were disappointed that the first clip from Transformers: Dark of the Moon to go online featured absolutely no robots or fighting, you might like the latest one a little bit better. Tweeted by the movie's official Twitter page the clip features Josh Duhamel doing what I guess is his best take on Bill Pullman's "this is our Independence Day!" speech in Independence Day; basically he's rallying the troops and using words like "wingsuit." Check it out below.

The scene does give us a better example of the pulsing action that usually makes up the Transformers movies, but once again we're being denied a glimpse of the titular characters-- I guess Michael Bay is taking a page from the J.J. Abrams playbook and deciding to keep some things under his hat? It looks like the Transformers marketing campaign is kicking into high gear, so I wouldn't be surprised to see a lot more of where this came from. The movie, as you probably already know, hits theaters on July 1; for everything else you could possibly want to know about it, visit our Blend Film Database.

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