It's not enough that Justin Bieber has completely taken over pop music-- this year, he decided it was time to be a movie star as well. Well, kind of-- his concert documentary Never Say Never made $98 million worldwide, and more than just pandering to teenage girls who already had Bieber Fever, it proved he's an engaging, funny and warm figure onscreen. I guess if you're already a huge Justin fan you knew that, but it was a surprise to me when I went to see the movie kicking and screaming.

There has been talk for a while now about Bieber moving in to actual acting, from a potential comedy co-starring him and Ashton Kutcher to something he and Mark Wahlberg were cooking up together. There's no official word on either of these actually existing, but Bieber himself has hinted that they might be happening soon. Talking to MTV News Bieber described his busy upcoming schedule, and included a little hint at the end about his possible cinematic plans:

"What's happening is: get off this tour, and then my [holiday] album's coming out, so I have to go back out and promote that album ... and then after that ... it's almost time for my next album, so then everything starts over again.Hopefully next summer I can start on a movie or something.

He added that his team is currently working on a script, but didn't say what it might actually be about. Before you automatically jump off a cliff at the idea of Bieber as a movie star, keep Wahlberg in mind-- he was a goofy teen idol once too, and despite Max Payne and The Happening, he's turned out pretty well. So let us know in the comments-- are you open to the inevitable rise of Justin Bieber, Actor?

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