Justin Theroux has a lot more acting credits than he does writing or directing, but the films he has contributed to as a writer are certainly noteworthy, particularly Tropic Thunder and Iron Man 2. And now it looks like he'll be doing the rewrites for Warner Bros.' comedy Swear to God, which is set to star Will Ferrell and Steve Carell.

Deadline posted the news, stating that in addition to rewriting the script originally penned by Due Date's Alan Cohen and Alan Freedland, Theroux will also direct the movie, which WB is looking to get into production next July. The film follows a narcissistic hedge fund manager (Ferrell) who thinks he's seen God. There are no details offered on Carell's role, but at the very least, thanks to Anchorman and The Office, we know he and Ferrell work well together on screen. From Deadline's report, it sounds like Ferrell will be returning to his role as Ron Burgundy for the Anchorman sequel before getting started on Swear to God.

Theroux and Ferrell were both among the cast of Megamind, with Ferrell voicing the title role and Theroux playing Megamind's father. And their connection goes back even further, as Theroux played the Evil DJ in Zoolander. He also wrote the sequel "with an eye to direct."

With the aim for a July 2013 startdate, we'll have a while to wait to see this one, but it should be interesting to see how Theroux does in writing and directing a comedy, especially with Ferrell and Carell on board to star.

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