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Before she was headlining her own hit CBS sitcom, Kat Dennings was taking a lot of audiences by surprise in a small but crucial role in Thor. Her character Darcy didn't really serve a purpose in the main, intergalactic narratives, but she got all the good jokes, talking about Thor's cut physique and oddball behavior all while her friend and boss Jane (Natalie Portman) was too smitten to say anything. Dennings' jolt of humor was one of the many pleasant surprises in Thor, and it's good to know that, even though she's a big TV star now, Dennings isn't too big to bring it back again.

Deadline has confirmed that Dennings will reprise her role for Thor: The Dark World, and we'll actually be seeing more of her this time-- they're saying she's no longer just comic relief. With production set to start soon in time for the planned November 8, 2013 release date, all the rest of the cast is lining up as well-- Chris Hemsworth will be back, of course, to play Thor, with Tom Hiddleston also returning as his troublesome brother Loki, and Natalie Portman back after an Oscar win and a baby to play Jane. Addiitons to the cast include Doctor Who's Christopher Eccleston, in line to play some sort of villain, plus Alice Krige and Zachary Levi, replacing Josh Dallas.

Even with Game of Thrones veteran Alan Taylor set to direct-- that show isn't exactly known for its knee-slapping jokes--it sounds like Thor: The Dark World is committing to a little more of the unexpected humor that made the first movie so fun. Good on 'em. Now if they'll just explain all this evil elves rumors we've been hearing about, we can start looking forward to it properly.

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