Kevin Smith became nationally famous all over again last month when, thanks to his Twitter account, he was at the center of a fight against Southwest Airlines and their policy of... well, you probably remember how that went down. But anyway, Smith is still tweeting away, and this time is using it to break actual news! This morning he wrote the following two tweets in succession:

I talk about lots of stuff I wanna do that either happens years later or never happens at all. Happy to report RED STATE is not the latter.

First draft was dated 9/5/07. Looks like we start shooting this July. Took nearly three years, but we're finally gonna roll on RED.

Red State, you may remember, is the horror project that Smith has indeed been talking about since 2007, which he describes as "so fuckin' bleak and dark, so bleak that it makes The Dark Knight look like Strawberry Shortcake." He's struggled to find funding for the film ever since then, after his old pals the Weinsteins passed on it and a gambit to try and get it funded by Smith's fans fell through thanks to legal disasters. He's not saying on Twitter exactly where the money is coming from to get Red State to happen at last, but he is hinting:

Via @aisleseat "Studio deal for RED STATE or going the full indie route?" (*Marches across big lawn, up front porch*) I'm home, Momma.

Does that mean the Weinsteins picked it up after all? Maybe, but it seems more likely he means "home" just as the indie film world in general. He also said he plans to film Hit Somebody, the hockey movie starring Seann William Scott, right on the heels of Red State. It's kind of a win-win situation for anyone who cares about Smith's career: if you hated Cop Out, it's a definite change of pace. If you loved Cop Out, that movie's success has made it possible for these next two projects to happen.

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