Right now every sports reporter in the world is eyeing LeBron James and wondering where he'll decide to sign a contract now that he's a free agent. Those of us who wouldn't know LeBron from Muggsy Bogues, though, have our eye on another story, Variety's report that LeBron's acting debut in the basketball comedy Ballers will be indefinitely delayed thanks to script problems.

Apparently writers Babaloo Mandel and Lowell Ganz had been tinkering with the script with hopes of starting production next month, during the tiny window in which James is not signing new basketball contracts, endorsing more products, or somehow enjoying his fabulous wealth. The movie wouldn't have put too many demands on James's acting skills-- based on what we reported back in March, he'll play himself in a comedy about middle-aged men who sign up for a fantasy basketball camp, where James is their coach and apparently gets tangled up in their lives.

Given that every basketball franchise in the country is courting him wildly right now, I imagine Ballers is the last thing on James's mind right now, no matter how much he'd like to get a film career going one of these days. Given that he's just 25 and shows no signs of stopping his run as the country's best basketball player, he's got plenty of time to get this movie made. As a New Yorker I have to throw in that a stint with the Knicks would make him more accessible to all of those movie writer types in the city… just a thought...

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